Whole System Solutions for Sustainable Development

World Café

How can our diversity & difference lead to common ground and common good?  What will it take to get the whole system participating in sustainable development?

150 people gathered in the first Bridges to the Future sessions at the ExCel Center during a sunny, spring day in London. James Syvitski and Eduardo Brondizio welcomed the group to a conversation around whole system solutions for sustainable development. What will it take?

The room was set in a café-style offering an inviting environment for people to engage in collaborative dialogue around meaningful questions.

Engage in your own conversations starting from where you are, enjoying this fine World Café’s harvest on: How can we become more collectively intelligent about what needs to happen? [PDF doc]


5 responses to “Whole System Solutions for Sustainable Development

  1. Hello from @GravityTurbines on TWITTER, I might have one hell of a good idea, on how to help save our planet earth, but I alone can not do it myself, I/we need to all step in to lend a hand, before we ravage all the natural resources from out of our land, so our poor children can live much more grand…Bye .

    From Yeppoon in Queensland, Australia, in the TROPIC OF CAPRICORN

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  3. Whole-systems ecology and Biospherics 101? Try these five freely-downloadable open-courseware PowerPoints (& supplemental PDFs) accessible at http://www.scribd.com/TheWecskaopProject and http://www.scribd.com/math_resources.

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  5. Developing broader awareness and engaging people in considering solution to planet-sized problems is hard. Good efforts at trying to facilitate this important process.

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